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“Tamara AKA: Tami is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I have met 100’s of 1000’s so that IS saying something! As a 25 Mass Communications Professor with proven experience in the trenches of actually getting RESULTS, I can honestly say that nobody is better at what they do than Tami in her zone. If you need to fill up appointment books with qualified clients, not prospects, but people already calling WANTING what you have, then you need to engage Tami. She absolutely dominates any chosen space online when contracted to do so.”

~ Dan Auito, Business Mentors 101

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Tamara Patzer

Hi, my name is Tamara “Tami” Patzer, I’m the creator and founder of the Daily Success® Institute, the home Quick Start, Fast Results business programs and courses, Women Innovators Publishing, Blue Ocean Authority, and Get Massive Media Exposure.

I have shared my message at Harvard Faculty Club, NASDAQ, Coco-Cola, and Microsoft.

I have had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with some great thought leaders, motivational speakers, business leaders and marketers including New York Times Best Seller and Celebrity Entreprenuer Suzanne Somer, and the great E-Myth author Michael Gerber, marketing genius Mike Koenigs, super trainer Ed Rush, the One Philosophy’s Nancy Matthews, Women Prosperity Network’s Trish Carr, Marketing Rockstar Craig Duswalt, and motivational speaker Les Brown, Jr.

I have been honored to work with transformational leaders including Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak and Alice Branton of the Trivedi Effect® and Trivedi Global, Inc. as well as Mark Porteus, founder of The Inspired Messengers Network and Lars Rain Gustafsson, founder of UEXL Institute and the BodyMind Institute.

I have a solid educational background in Mass Communications supported by a lifelong passion for writing, art, and all things media. Looking back, as a third-grader and Girl Scout, I wrote for the Corvallis Gazette-Times with a weekly column called the Girl Scout News and earned by Scribe badge. In high school, I wrote for Smoke Signals and was editor of the “annual” staff as photographer. My mother was a writer and we used to pretend she was famous as I interviewed her on my cassette recorder radio show. Later, I got a BA from Eckerd College in Creative Writing and Business followed by a MA in Mass Communication and Instructional Technology form University of South Florida. Later, I was in a doctoral program for Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

The courses include in Daily Success® are all designed to include the latest and best in educational training for the ultimate learning experience with video, audios, workbooks, course books, action guides, checklists and step-by-step systems.

My Story...

Like many of us, we can look back at our lives and see a pattern emerge … for me, becoming an educator and advocate for the world’s messengers, started early on. When I was 2, I told my mother I was from Mars. She took it all in stride and nurtured me with art projects, poetry, music, and walks in the fields surrounding our house. 

Our house was always filled with a sense of welcoming to all things, animals and people: stray dogs and cats, lonely strangers needing rest and a home-cooked meal. My mother always was open to company. “Just add another potato to the pot,” seemed to be the order of the day if someone knocked on the door.

Many mornings started with a story read from the Reader’s Digest Condensed Books that were popular when I was young. While it would seem my childhood was idealistic, the truth is my writer mother was constantly struggling with health issues and by the time I was about 9 and my two brothers and one sister moved out, I was left to be the support system and caregiver for the dark times, but there was always a light and hope that our lives in small town Philomath, Oregon, would get better and better.

One memory stands out:

I am nine years old on the front porch of my house.

In my hands is the box. 

I look down to the end of the street, that’s the end of town.

I look down the other end of the street and that’s the other end of town. 

I walk over to the post office.

"Here you go, Mr. Postman. it’s my mom’s novel. It’s gonna to change our lives.”

"How much to you want to insure it for little lady?"

"One million dollars!”

The next year I pushed another box across the postman’s counter, and the year after that, another box, and another box, and the year after that, another box until 1985. 

That year mom got an agent and was going to be published by a big New York Publishing company.

It didn’t happen. 

Mom died June 14, 1985.

She never did get published or become the best-selling author that she always dreamed of being.

In 1985, I became the guardian of my mother’s writing. Over the years, I hauled her manuscripts across the country—literally—from Florida to Oregon at least three times as I struggled to find my way to becoming who I am today.

Over the years, many life experiences happened to me — good and bad — I have three children and now have two grandchildren.

I was a single mom. I went back to school to get my bachelor’s degree in the 1990s and in the early 2000s, I worked full-time and went to graduate school to get my master’s degree in Mass Communication.

I worked for newspapers, magazines and TV stations … all leading to the path I am now on… I taught Mass Communications classes for nearly 10 years at University of South Florida, State College of Florida, and created the Social Media Certification program at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

In 2009, I took the leap of faith to become an entrepreneur and local marketing consultant. 

The learning curve to go from teaching to becoming a marketing salesperson was steep. I had to overcome the idea that selling was bad and that I wasn’t a salesperson…what a mindset shift for me and for most people who work in a heart centered space. I was rolling along focusing on video marketing, local social media and teaching social media at colleges and local venues such as SCORE, chambers of commerce, and economic development centers and my big success seemed to be just on the horizon.

All the seeds I had planned, all the hard work, all the miles, and miles, and MILES of up and down the freeway were about to pay off big…I was surviving. The big win was survival. I was enshrouded in a dark veil.

Imagine a mirror ball swirling — reflecting the joy of New Year’s Eve. People all around are hugging, dancing, laughing, toasting with champagne, kissing the New Year’s kiss. I am alone watching everyone else have a life, cheering the year past, welcoming the new year to come. My nose is pressed up against a plate glass window. My breath is fogging up the glass, so I wipe the condensation away to see the gala inside.

It’s just another year wasted, and another year endured. Another year of survival past and another year of survival to come. I was existing, but I wasn’t living.

I turn and see a woman wearing a beautiful blue gown with a diamond tiara.

“I like your lid!” I said. LID? The words that came out of my mouth made no sense.Lid? What is the word? What is the right word? I knew the word was dress, but my brain could not connect to my voice and everything that covered a body part was now a lid. Not a shirt. Not a blouse. Not a hat. Was I losing my brain function? Did I have early onset Alzheimer’s? Was I going to follow the path my mother took and die before I turned 59?

My speech slowed way down, it took so long to find the words, the vocabulary that once ranked me in the top 97th percentile of all people who took the GRE for Verbal Reasoning, was gone. I could hear the right words inside my head, but my brain and tongue couldn’t connect to make the proper sounds and the words and meanings disconnected. “I like your lid.”

I went to the doctor and told him my symptoms…I couldn’t think. I couldn’t remember what did the day before. My heart raced. I couldn’t sleep. My face hurt. My teeth were crumbling inside mouth. My feet were so swollen, I couldn’t wear shoes. I just wanted to lie down and sleep. I would lie in bed and watch the sun go down through my bedroom window, and just wish to rest, to sleep, to stop being so tired, so achy, so much in pain.

I didn’t have health insurance, so the doctor didn’t order blood work… so I took my health into my own hands. I was smart enough to know that something was wrong and if the doctor would not order blood work, I would go online and figure it out. I found out that I could order my own blood work through a site called Personalabs, so I ordered the comprehensive blood panel. The results came back …normal, except for one thing. The calcium levels in my blood were elevated. Clue. I looked up that that meant, and I found out that most likely I had a parathyroid tumor...I did. While a parathyroid won’t kill you directly, it will shave at least 10 years off your life and present itself with memory loss, bone pain, kidney stones, heart failure and myriad other issues including depression. For me, I think I was blessed to have children to care for and a reason toget out of bed every morning even when I didn’t feel like it.When the parathyroid tumor was removed, the doctors said it was at least 10 years old and it was producing 2,137x the normal parathyroid hormone that regulates the calcium in your blood. I was lucky.

I got rid of the tumor and my body rebuilt itself rapidly.  The dark veil was lifted.

A Message of Light

Now, a few years later, I am on a path to help many people get found and be seen and heard on my Daily Success® Radio Show as well as on Women Innovators Radio. With that, I received a very strong message about my role as a mentor from the Divine. There comes a time when you stand all alone and ask: Who Am I? What is my purpose? Why?

I will share the words I received below:

Like a butterfly escaping from its cocoon,

the struggle is real,

the message is:

You have to feel.

Open up your heart and allow,

let the angels fill it up

with answers

and you will know

you have a purpose,

a big message, a mission for your life.


Who Am I?

What is my purpose and my why?

I am the messenger’s messenger

the message is clear,

my role to play is to bring your message to the world,

To share that you are somebody ,

somebody who has something important to say.

Your journey starts before you see the light,

Let the angels wrap their wings around you;

you are safe, day and night,

Trust and allow, don’t ask how

Just Believe that good will over come

They call me the messenger, but the truth of the matter is:

I am the messenger’s messenger, I am here to lift you up, to

help your voice be heard, to bring your light to the world,

The day you were born, the angels sang

“Oh, what a glorious day!”

You have arrived and the light has been shown,

“Oh, what a glorious day!”

Somewhere in the dark, fear overcame,

and now you stand wondering — what is your name?

You may have forgotten who you are today,

but now you found the way.

Lift your voice, sing out loud and clear,

your message needs to be heard in the world today

let me lift you up, share your word of light

together, we will lift the veil of night.

I wanted to share my journey of becoming human because even though the struggle was

dark and real, in the end, the Divine, the God of my understanding, was there to reveal

that no matter where I started or how dark my existence became, there was always a

spark, a light, hope that something bigger and better was just on the horizon. It may

have taken years, but today I can see that it was my journey to prepare me for the

person I am yet to become … but now I know I am the messenger’s messenger and YOU


If you look at the world today compared to 1985, many things have changed. For instance, Amazon publishing has made becoming a best-selling author something available to nearly anyone who wants to write. Self-publishing no longer has a stigma of “vanity press” and the costs of publishing are down because now one book can be printed or with Amazon Kindle and “pdfs”, no paper has to ever be used to publish books. With that advent, in late 2016, I helped 64 women tell their story via my Women’s Innovator’s Radio show and turned those interviewed in 8 Amazon No. 1 Best Sellers.

Yes, today times have changed!  I have helped hundreds of authors, business professionals and experts just like you, become best-selling authors…and the big question is always “What’s Next? Now What?”

For me, helping you is what I next! Daily Success® Institute was born from my love of teaching, advocating, and mentoring…I have already spent more than 10,000 hours learning about mass communications, marketing, video, business and connecting mind, body, and spirit to your impact, influence and income path…working with me can help you shave years and years off the journey…we all have our gifts and our purpose.

I am the Messager’s Messenger.

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If you are ready to take your business to new heights, contact Tami today.

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Tami Patzer Endorsement-Dan Auito

Dan Auito

Business Mentors 101

“Tamara AKA: Tami is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I have met 100’s of 1000’s so that IS saying something! As a 25 Mass Communications Professor with proven experience in the trenches of actually getting RESULTS, I can honestly say that nobody is better at what they do than Tami in her zone.

If you need to fill up appointment books with qualified clients, not prospects, but people already calling WANTING what you have, then you need to engage Tami. She absolutely dominates any chosen space online when contracted to do so.”

James Dingman

President, Querer Es Poder, Inc.

“Tami Patzer is a gem. She knows her stuff, but that’s not enough for her. She’s constantly digging, learning, expanding her knowledge and skill level. Really: I think if you told her you needed brain surgery and handed her a manual to study, she could do the operation tomorrow.

Not only did she do a stellar job for us in managing and expanding our communications program, she brought an amazing expertise in Internet marketing to the task. She trained and consulted our entire organization up several notches to a whole new level. I believe much of what she taught us was so cutting edge that our competitors are still scratching their heads wondering how we’re doing it. I look forward to working with Tami again, this time as a powerful consultant.”

Lew Hastings

Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce

“Working with Tami is always a great experience because I always manage to come away with a much better product than I had initially imagined.

The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce has used Tami’s creative vision to increase its online presence, add value to its membership and help member businesses optimize their marketing dollars. She is our “go to” resource when it comes to training and successfully utilizing cutting edge technology.”

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