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Unique Value Proposition

Your Unique Value Proposition course will help you attract your ultimate ideal clients and customers with a proven step-by-step system ideal for beginners or for seasoned professionals. Your Unique Value Proposition Course will help you pinpoint and target your true value for your clients and customers.

  • Identify the what and why of Unique Value Propositions
  • Research and gain a detailed understanding of your target market
  • Use tools and tactics to spy on your competition
  • Identify a product or service that will blow away the competition
  • Write your own Unique Value Proposition

Psychology of Marketing

Your Psychology of Marketing  quick start, rapid results course will fast-track your understanding of the client/customer journey, so that you can fine-tune your services, products, and marketing to attract your ideal client or customer. In the end, you will understand how your ideal client/customer thinks which leads to attracting better clients, long retention and more income, ie., profits!

  • Recognize the importance of psychology in marketing and advertising
  • Explain Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how it relates to marketing
  • Describe the customer's decision-making process and how marketing tactics are used to meet needs at each step of the process
  • Select from a toolbox of proven, ethically sound psychological tactics that are commonly used to drive sales, brand, and meet the needs of customers
  • Identify relevant psychological tactics that can meet your own customers’ needs at each stage of the decision-making process
  • Plan your next steps to get started in implementing at least 3 tactics in your business

Power Networking

Relationships with people are your most important asset for your business. In Power Networking, you will learn exactly how to create powerful relationships that generate huge results: more clients, more customers, and more income. Power Networking will give you the step-by-step methods and tools you need to create better business and personal relationships.

  • A defined purpose for your networking
  • An evaluation of your skill set
  • 3 versions of your “story” to use when networking
  • A list of target networking prospects
  • A sample script to use during your networking conversations
  • A template for following-up after meeting new people
  • A game plan for moving forward
  • Specific metrics for evaluating your results

​Rapid Results Magnetic Marketing Implementation Roadmap

​By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to:

Identify the topics your audience wants to hear about so that you can tailor your content to their taste.

Use a process to diversify and repurpose your new and existing content to keep people coming back for more;

dentify tools and steps you can use to increase and broaden the reach of your content so that it gets in front of more of your target audience​;

Create a system for measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing​;

Decide on how you will create and produce engaging content consistently moving forward​.

  • ​Key One – Create Content that Resonates with Your Audience
  • ​Key Two - Give Your Content a New Lease on Life
  • ​Key Three - Use Proven Tools and Techniques for Widespread Content Distribution
  • ​​Key Four - Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing    
  • ​Key Five - Produce Consistent Content with an Organized Content Marketing Plan
  • ​Key Six - Create Your Action Plan
Tamara Patzer

From Podcast to Best-selling Publishing Company  — Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers & Givers: Complete Vol 01-08 Set!

Do you want to skyrocket your impact, influence, and income? Find out how you can turn a podcast into a best-selling book series just like Publisher Tamara Patzer did with Women Innovators. Get the inside scoop with The Women Innovators Radio Show and Book Series. Learn how and be inspired all at the same time. 

  • How to Create Your Own Podcast
  • ​How to Get Paying Guests Using Facebook Private Messages
  • ​How to Podcast to Publishing Profits
  • Learn how to Leverage the Best-Seller Status

Best Seller Summit 

​You get access to​ a group of top marketers and best selling authors ​who share their #1 content creation AND money making strategies.

​In this Best Seller Summit, you get to watch, listen and learn from these ​Super Star authors, publishers, and product creators with all their synergistic strategies, so you could quickly and easily implement their strategies for building your website traffic, growing your audience and selling more products for yourself​.

  • ​How to find your niche, come up with a winning idea, and build a loyal tribe of long term buyers​.
  • ​How to break out of your indecisive slump, put all the pieces together, and finally take the profitable action steps that lets income flow freely to you day after day.
  • ​How to get instant and lasting authority with your audience that translates into more word-of-mouth and sales.
  • ​How to use a simple blog to build your platform and sell more books, products, or services.​
  • i​How to turn your knowledge, expertise and passion into a dependable income using a free online community that provides massive value to your loyal followers.

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Tami's Client Success Stories

Tami Patzer Endorsement-Dan Auito

Dan Auito

Business Mentors 101

“Tamara AKA: Tami is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I have met 100’s of 1000’s so that IS saying something! As a 25 Mass Communications Professor with proven experience in the trenches of actually getting RESULTS, I can honestly say that nobody is better at what they do than Tami in her zone.

If you need to fill up appointment books with qualified clients, not prospects, but people already calling WANTING what you have, then you need to engage Tami. She absolutely dominates any chosen space online when contracted to do so.”

James Dingman

President, Querer Es Poder, Inc.

“Tami Patzer is a gem. She knows her stuff, but that’s not enough for her. She’s constantly digging, learning, expanding her knowledge and skill level. Really: I think if you told her you needed brain surgery and handed her a manual to study, she could do the operation tomorrow.

Not only did she do a stellar job for us in managing and expanding our communications program, she brought an amazing expertise in Internet marketing to the task. She trained and consulted our entire organization up several notches to a whole new level. I believe much of what she taught us was so cutting edge that our competitors are still scratching their heads wondering how we’re doing it. I look forward to working with Tami again, this time as a powerful consultant.”

Lew Hastings

Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce

“Working with Tami is always a great experience because I always manage to come away with a much better product than I had initially imagined.

The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce has used Tami’s creative vision to increase its online presence, add value to its membership and help member businesses optimize their marketing dollars. She is our “go to” resource when it comes to training and successfully utilizing cutting edge technology.”

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