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Hi, this is Tami Patzer, creator of Blue Ocean Authority. I want to ask you a very personal question. Do you want to be TV? Online video? On radio? 

When you get massive attention throughout traditional media and new online platforms you become known as the only choice. To be honest it in not easy. It takes work. I know….because I have spent hours and flown all over the US making appearances. Appearance on outlets such as ABC, NBC, CW and Fox…

Is this something you have dreamed about? Have you seen or heard someone being interviewed and you say, Hey, that should be ME? The truth is, it can be YOU! I have done it, and I can do it for you too.

It’s not a pipe dream…it can happen… let’s talk.

Tami Patzer Has Been Seen On:

Interested in a detailed Content Marketing Strategy for Increasing Your Social Media and Online Reach to GET New Clients?

Daily Success® Institute’s Blue Ocean Authority program is accepting a few new clients to develop a personalized content marketing strategy to repurpose your existing content and turn it into digital gold!

Once we have a marketing strategy in place that targets your impact, influence, and Income goals, we get rapid results! We can do it together or have our dedicated, Experienced team take over and do it ALL: no more tech, design, editing, social media woes…

Blue Ocean Authority from the Daily Success® Institute is Tami Patzer’s digital gold…This program is ideal for the Entrepreneur who wants to leverage all of their content past and present to attract high quality ideal clients using social media and online methods without wasting precious hours, weeks and years.

Think about this…if you could spend less than 3 hours a month to create everything you need? Would that help you have more peace of mind? Have more Impact?

Have more Influence? And, most of all, MORE INCOME doing what you do?

Let’s Talk.


Know this, I did it for me first, so I know this works!

Book your Daily Success® Blue Ocean Authority Content Marketing Rapid Results Call Now.

I guarantee you will come away with a Rapid Results Roadmap that you can use immediately to attract more clients and leverage your existing content to have more impact, more influence, and more INCOME.

Tami's Client Success Stories

Alice Branton, CEO, Trivedi Global, Inc. has worked with Tamara “Tami” Patzer for several years. She has appeared on more than 35 TV programs including ABC, NBC, CBS, CW and Fox, as well as, shared her message at Harvard Faculty Club, NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft. Tami helped her become an International Best-Selling Author for “Vitamin D is the Key.” Tami continued to work with Alice Branton on press services and other media and marketing projects.

Dr. C. Romesh Weerasooriya (call him Dr. Mesh) has been a practicing dentist for well over two decades now, with over 1,000 hours of continuing education under his belt. His commitment to excellence in this field is clear, and he’s proud to offer a wide variety of complex, cutting-edge services that can help patients overcome even the most extensive dental damage. Don’t hesitate to trust your smile in his capable hands!

Lew Hastings of the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce shares his views about Tamara “Tami” Patzer and her useful consulting ideas for growing businesses.

Linda Fostek, the Crisis Planner, worked with Tamara “Tami” Patzer for her Florida Media Tour. She appeared on ABC, NBC, Fox and on a live Hurricane Preparedness call-in show as a result of Tami’s help.

Dr. Scott Thompson of Tarpon Shores Dental in Venice, Florida, has worked with Tamara “Tami” Patzer and her crew on several video productions promoting cosmetic dentistry. He was happy with the professionalism of Tami and her associates. Dr. R. Scott Thompson starts every patient relationship the same way: by taking time to find out what a patient wants for themselves. Only after getting to know you as a person and determining your long-term oral health goals will he formulate your customized treatment plan. By spending that little bit of extra time with his patients that most other dentists simply can’t be bothered to, he’s able to provide an even higher level of care and keep a patient cool and relaxed the entire time. With Dr. Thompson, you’re always in the driver’s seat-- he’ll just help you get where you want to go.

Dr. Shanaka Weerasooriya has earned his reputation as one of the finest dentists in Sarasota over the past 20 years. He takes great pride in the clinical knowledge and skills he brings to every case. More importantly, he cherishes the opportunity to get to know each of his patients – starting with 60-minute first appointments – and to be there to help them every step of the way.



Tamara “Tami” Patzer is an International Best-selling author, publisher, and video producer who specializes in helping her clients go Beyond the Seller® and achiever Daily Success® using massive media exposure.

Expert Exposure FLORIDA Media Tour

Expert Exposure SUPERSTAR Media Tour

International Best Seller Campaign

The Blue Ocean Authority Book "Done With You" Program

Blue Ocean Authority Book "Do It Yourself" Mentoring

Quick Start Cash Flow: COURSE CREATION

Quick Start Cash Flow: RIP (Revenue, Income, Profit) Magnetic Money Funnel

Quick Start Cash Flow: Podcast Marketer Launch Program

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Tami Patzer helps business owners achieve exponential business growth and catapult their professional recognition with the publication of their own best-selling book, using her unique Blue Ocean Authority author publishing system.  But that’s not all!  She also helps business owners leverage their best-selling name and brand with proven successful Beyond the Best Seller™ PR and media relations services.

Tami does all the content creation, editing, and publishing in both physical and digital formats, and then shepherds your book to best-selling status. Contact Tami Patzer about Beyond the Best Seller™ marketing and publicity services for authors of non-fiction and fiction books. Services include Marketing services; Public Relations; Business assistance, advisory and consulting services in the field of book and book publishing industry.

Once you have your best-selling book, you can leverage it to get featured in national print publications and high-profile appearances on radio shows and TV.

Have you ever had someone chase you down and say, “I want to work with you! Would you please work with me?”

This has happened to Tami Patzer again and again since she created and published her own best-selling book.

Tami can help you achieve the same success and recognition in your business.

If you are ready to take your business to new heights, contact Tami today.

Tami and Her Clients Have Been Featured In:

Tami's Client Success Stories

Tami Patzer Endorsement-Dan Auito

Dan Auito

Business Mentors 101

“Tamara AKA: Tami is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I have met 100’s of 1000’s so that IS saying something! As a 25 Mass Communications Professor with proven experience in the trenches of actually getting RESULTS, I can honestly say that nobody is better at what they do than Tami in her zone.

If you need to fill up appointment books with qualified clients, not prospects, but people already calling WANTING what you have, then you need to engage Tami. She absolutely dominates any chosen space online when contracted to do so.”

James Dingman

President, Querer Es Poder, Inc.

“Tami Patzer is a gem. She knows her stuff, but that’s not enough for her. She’s constantly digging, learning, expanding her knowledge and skill level. Really: I think if you told her you needed brain surgery and handed her a manual to study, she could do the operation tomorrow.

Not only did she do a stellar job for us in managing and expanding our communications program, she brought an amazing expertise in Internet marketing to the task. She trained and consulted our entire organization up several notches to a whole new level. I believe much of what she taught us was so cutting edge that our competitors are still scratching their heads wondering how we’re doing it. I look forward to working with Tami again, this time as a powerful consultant.”

Lew Hastings

Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce

“Working with Tami is always a great experience because I always manage to come away with a much better product than I had initially imagined.

The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce has used Tami’s creative vision to increase its online presence, add value to its membership and help member businesses optimize their marketing dollars. She is our “go to” resource when it comes to training and successfully utilizing cutting edge technology.”

Tami's Podcast: Big Message Big Mission


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